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                                             HISTORICAL   BACKGROUND 

St Joseph’s primary  school  was  requiem  in  21 NOV  1957under  the

CATHOLIC PAROCHIAL SCHOOL. Managed by MILL HILL MISSION. It was then  managed  by

Priest J DONNELL. The registration  number  was  9150

Later on it  changed its  name to the present  as  ST  JOSEH’S  CATHOLIC PRIMARY SCHOOL .

The  school  sits on a parcel of land about 4 acres,  it is located along

Moses   mudavadi Road .

Currently   the  school  as a total   of  1032  pupils  and 854  being boys

And  448  girls   leaving  in two  rooms  from  standard  one to seven  then  3

Streams in  standard 8.

An ECD  nits as also been  developed  and running, it was  started  in  2007

  being  33  and  girls  31 .it is currently  enrolled with  64  learners. The  units

is managed by two  trained  teachers.

             AIMS OF THE SCHOOL

1 To provide   quality and all around education

2 To provide education for sustainable development


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